Save with Groupon Coupons

Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post for Groupon Coupons. All opinions are mine.  We all love to save money and who doesn’t enjoy using a coupon or two when you have the chance. Especially on the expensive things that we have to spend on like Groceries and TAXES! I mean let’s save some cash for things that we need like the next and best tech! I would like to introduce you…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: So like most people around this time of year you are probably wondering what to get? Well, I have some great ideas for you. This is my ever growing list of items that I consider the best of the best! For the Handyman: Kraig tools and jigs: Kraig makes a series of actually useful tools and jigs that make everyday projects that much simpler. First is the…

New Deal!

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Survival Iodide


Survival Iodide: So like me, with the current unrest in the country you are probably getting some items together to keep on hand just in case. One of the cheapest items that will give you the best chance to survive is Iodide tablets. At under $10 per 2 weeks supply, this has to be the best bang for your buck. Potassium Iodide basically fills up your thyroid with pure iodide before it can absorb any…

Linksys WRT3200ACM

Linksys WRT3200ACM

WRT3200ACM Overview The WRT3200ACM Wi-Fi Router features Tri-Stream 160 and MU-MIMO technologies for the latest in connecting multiple high-end devices at the same time. The Linksys WRT3200ACM has enough ram and a dual core 1.8GHz CPU to run open-source firmware and all your high-bandwidth activities. I got mine from Best Buy you can get yours here The desktop form factor of the WRT3200ACM features 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards over the 2.4 GHz and…

Vibram Signa

Vibram Signa water shoes vibram fivefingers mens signa water shoes

Vibram Signa The Vibram Signa is the safest way to go barefoot in summer water sports. This past spring I have been looking for the perfect set of water shoes. I had several requirements they needed to be snug fitting, quick drying, able to protect my feet from rocks and they had to be stylish. Design: Finding the Vibram Signa fit the requirement for Stylish! Each individual toe is individually…

XX2i Hawaii1

XX2i Hawaii1

XX2i Optics Hawaii1 XX2i has been a recent favorite sunglasses of mine, I love their aggressive styling and overall lense clarity. If you are needing a pair of sunglasses to fit your active lifestyle look no further than the Hawaii1 sunglasses from XX2i Optics . The Hawaii1 are high performance, sport inspired sunglasses that focus on performance and lightweight. Keeping your eyes on the target while participating in any sport is absolutely critical. Keeping…

Ansun LED Floodlights

Ansun LED Floodlights

Ansun LED Floodlights I really like this ANSUN LED Floodlights, it’s available at Amazon If you have any questions please let me know. The outer shell is a massive heatsink, It is completely powdercoated white so you don’t have to worry about chipping or pealing. the white color also helps the massive heatsink stay cooler during the day. The LED in the center is a LED module that uses…

XX2i Bermuda1

XX2i Bermuda 1

XX2i Optics Bermuda1 XX2i has been a recent favorite sunglasses of mine, I love their aggressive styling and overall lense clarity. If you are needing a fun trendy beach sunglasses look no further than the Bermuda1 sunglasses from XX2i Optics The Bermuda1 are relatively affordable, full frame, relaxation inspired, sunglasses that do not skip on the high quality. Good eye wear is essential when playing sports in order to protect your eyes from UV…

Gene Cafe CBR-101

Gene Cafe CBR-101

Gene Cafe CBR-101 The Gene Cafe CBR-101 is the top home coffee roaster on the market today available on Amazon. One unique thing that sets it apart from other roasters is the off axis rotation of the bean roasting chamber, This adds a little complexity to inserting the roasting chamber but they have made every effort to minimize the difficulty by making nice slide guides. Overall the experience is very simple….